Frequently asked questions

What time of year is best to plant apples?

Apples and other perennials are best planted in the fall and early spring to reduce stress and transplant shock. Most of our trees are bare root and ship out between January and March, they can and should be planted right away. If you live somewhere the soil is still frozen when you receive your tree, heel it in somewhere protected and plant it once the soil can be worked.

How do I keep my trees small so I won't need a ladder?

Tress grafted onto rootstock like the M9 and M26 are an ideal choice for dwarfing apple trees. These trees stay small for their whole lifespan, and are ideal for training techniques such as espalier. To learn about the M9 and M26 click HERE.

I'm not sure if I need another tree to help with pollination?

Apples are pollinated by insects that can fly long distances, so trees that are planted some distance apart still work as polination partners. If you have a tree in the front yard, and want to plant one in the back yard, that's probably fine; likewise with a neighbours apple across the street. Triploid apples (Gravenstein, King, Belle de Boskoop to name a few) have generally sterile pollen, so if you'd like one or two of these, we will definitely recommend you plant a crab apple (on any rootstock size) at the same time.

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How big are the trees when I buy them?

Our trees are typically sold between 3ft-5ft high. The amount of branching/feathering will depend on the age of the tree. The trees are also bare-root, usually bundled together in bags that lay down flat in a car, and comfortably fit inside a normal vehicle, even a hatchback!

When do you sell or ship your trees?

Our reservation system opens in September. Trees are tagged for you until the trees fall dormant, then we ship with Canada Post or deliver them between Christmas and March 31. From April 1 through the fall we have a selection of potted apple trees available. These are suitable for delivery or pick up (but not shipping with Canada Post).