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Shipping is with Canada Post once a week between Jan1st and March 15th only. Please do not choose 3 year old tree for shipping! Due to the size of the size of the root systems on the older trees, it's best to choose 1 year old whips or 2 year feathered trees.


We do ship throughout Canada, but unfortunately, cannot ship to the Okanagan, Simillkameen or Kootenay's due to Canadian regulations on certain plant materials.


For long tree boxes Canada Post put an additional surcharge of 20-25$ on top of normal shipping fees, per box. So we always do our best to bundle as many trees into each box and that is reflected in the shipping cost at the checkout.

We travel throughout Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland regularly, so please contact us to make delivery arrangements, often this can be simpler and more affordable option for large bundles.


We do not offer returns or refunds on plant material shipped via Canada Post. If you have other issues with your trees please get in touch.


Yes, we offer discounts for large bundles. Typically this is available for orders of 50 trees of more.

In addition, customized grafting orders for new orchards of over 50 trees are offered the same cost as our regular   stock.

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