A very old dessert apple with a history dating back more than 250 years. Thought to be of french orgin, it was first documented in England. It's exceptional flavour flavour and resistance to scab make this a great heriloom apple choice. Pick late October, and stores well.


Origin: France/England, 1750


Pollination: Group 3


Botanical drawing from the Rare and Special Collections from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Pomological Watercolor Collection at the National Agricultural Library. 


Use the drop down tabs to view what rootstock sizes and ages we have available right now. If the age or particular rootstock size shows as pale grey in the dropdown tab, that means it's sold out for now.


1 year old apples are $30 each

2 year old apples are $35 each, the price change is shown in the cart

3 year old apples are $40 each, the price change is shown in the cart


If you have questions about the different rootstock sizes, which effect the growth, height, and characteristics of the tree, please refer our "About Apples" page.




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